Customer Training

The CNC lathe is a professional CNC equipment, to master the operation skills and programming skills, processing skills, so as to give full play to the performance of CNC lathe, improve processing efficiency, improve the processing effect, Kimura CNC machine tool company is the professional responsible for the training of technical personnel, training of various types of CNC machine tools, CNC, therefore, Kimura for free provide technical training services to new and old customers.


● Training of NC lathe machining and programming knowledge.

● Operation training of CNC lathe control system.

● For the processing of different materials, the selection of tools, tool correction training, the selection of different cooling liquid and cooling oil training.


● The daily maintenance and training of CNC lathe.

● Training for simple trouble analysis and troubleshooting of CNC lathe. 

● Training for customer's product parts, processing layout and process optimization.


● Contact phone for training application :0755-84276696 13602549120

● Training application contact mail box :niuwei@szmucun.cn