After-sale service


● To provide customers with personal technical services, Kimura is the company's aftermarket features.

● Kimura company has a professional after-sales service team, able to quickly and efficiently for customers to solve problems encountered in the production process, to ensure efficient use of the customer village CNC lathe.



● Provide technical advice to customers for materials, tools, processes, fixtures and so on;

● To provide customers with special chuck design and production, sample processing.

● For complex parts, to provide customers with processing solutions, cutting tools choice. 

● For customers with special needs, Kimura CNC can arrange technical assistance on-site.



● Comprehensive quality services to ensure maximum efficient operation of machine tools.

● Professional after-sales service team, to provide customers with maintenance services, and in accordance with the actual situation of customers regular maintenance.

● Spare parts Service: provide spare parts to customers according to the situation, and ensure that customers can make regular production during the maintenance period.

● Kimura company will regularly call customers and visit home, at any time to understand the use of equipment, and timely detection and solve problems.

● Respect customers, understand customers, all customer oriented, quick response to customers' opinions, continuous provision of quality products and services.



● Pre sales technical support telephone:0755-84276696 13602549120

● Pre sales technical support mailbox :niuwei@szmucun.cn



● After service call:0755-84276686 13692102905

● After service mailbox:mc_shouhou@szmucun.cn