Cutter Type Of Inclined Bed Series
Slant Bed Millturn Series
Cutter Type Of Inclined Bed Series
Slant Bed Millturn Series


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Turret Lathe Series
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CNC lathe series M-CK0645DC is a turn-mill combination machining tool with high precision. It is equipped with eight-location turret and Taiwan’s original gear power shaft, and capable of high-precision and high-efficiency turn-milling machining, and suitable for the processing of complex precision parts.


Applicable to the automated processing of precision electronic accessories, medical accessories, auto parts, mobile phone accessories, optoelectronic accessories, military accessories and other kinds of precision parts.


Mechanical Specifications:

Machine parameters M-CK0645D
 Machine parameters Maximum processing diameter Φ44
Maximum processing length Φ150mm
Spindle Spindle through -hole diameter Φ56
Spindle nose form A2-5
Speed Maximum speed of spindle Max.4000turn/min
Maximum speed of power head Max.4000turn/min
  Stroke Axis X 760mm
Axis Z 270mm
Fast moving Axis X 24m/min
Axis Z 24m/min
  Motor Spindle motor 5.5KW
Axis X/Z Motor 1.3KW
Power shaft motor 0.75KW
General specification Dimensions (L * W * H)


Machine weight 2200KG


Standard accessories

1. Standard accessories 1 set
2. Automatic lubrication device 1 set
3. Hydraulic clamping device 1 set
4. Warning light 1 set
5. Lighting device 1 set
6. Knife base plate 1 piece
7. Knife rest 4 piece
8. Drill-hole tool apron 3 piece
9. Spindle spring chuck 1 individual
10. Attachment tools 1 set


Optional accessories

1. Chuck and various types of fixtures
2. Automatic oil feeder
3. All kinds of tool aprons and drilling tool aprons
4. Hydraulic chuck and hard claws