Shenzhen Wood Village CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. rooted in Shenzhen this fertile land, has experienced four stages of development.



● In Shanghai and Japanese enterprises cooperation, mainly for research and development and manufacturing of rapid prototyping technology and CNC machine tools, in the meantime to train a group of elite has advanced manufacturing technology, advanced assembly technology, laid a solid foundation for the development of Kimura.


● In 2005 from Shanghai to Shenzhen, the establishment of Shenzhen City Mu Cun CNC Machine Tool Co., Shenzhen has become the first professional production of small and medium-sized precision CNC machine tool of national enterprises.

● The company from Mucun to “ the quality as the center, brand, quality, first-class level of ” the target of three years, Kimura CNC machine tool sales way ahead in various fields of manufacturing industry, won the majority of the market, as the domestic well-known brand.



● Mucun , deepen the comprehensive quality management, production management, comprehensive budget management, comprehensive management of enterprise culture, human resources management, improve the system, to the modernization of management, scientific and standardization, make Kimura each employee have become the main body of innovation.

● Mucun company established its own production base in Huizhou in 2013 (to ensure the annealing treatment of the casting, long-term aging treatment, vibration treatment before finishing, change the internal stress and prevent deformation).

● Developed a variety of high precision, high-speed, compound processing, fully automated processing machine tools, for the wood village company to lay a good foundation for innovation.



● Mucun , based on the full automation of the machine tool, no chemical workshop forward (including automatic image automatic feeding, automatic detection, automatic tool compensation and tool cutting part size detection), monitoring the implementation and deployment of the production process.

● Mucun to the company's products have been recognized by many customers and passed the acceptance, Kimura, not only for the thousands of respected customers to provide quality products and machine tools, ensure efficient quality pre-sales, customer service service for customers.

● In the course of enterprise development, Kimura company is willing to work with customers to create new glories.